Huge time savings

Spectacular efficiency through automation and our highly-tuned interface.

Vital controls for compliance

Robust, auditable control over your data and processes.

Immediate deployment

Start and configure a new reconciliation file in seconds.

How Reconcilable works

Capture and control data

Reconcilable accepts your data as it is, reducing the need for up-stream processing or ETL tools. Derive new values and perform lookups as necessary to supplement your feed data.

Imported data can't be modified, so you can be sure your reconciliation stays in line with the source systems being controlled.

Match in bulk, no sweat

Fast, accurate auto-matching handles your data effortlessly. Processing is entirely under your control: matching rules are flexible, but are built with the ease of drag-and-drop.

Edit to perfection

The slick interface helps you work efficiently to inspect, review and edit your data.

Precise, individual matching and un-matching for when your data is incomplete or problematic.

Report and export

Tailor reports to meet your needs, then save them for re-use. View on screen or use one-click export to Excel. Build report books to deliver a complete report pack in a single action.

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What you can reconcile with Reconcilable

Why use Reconcilable?

Meet compliance imperatives

Improves Sarbanes-Oxley compliance through audit trails, process tracking and reporting. Processing reconciliations in Reconcilable automatically creates a reliable, tamper-proof record of your reconciliation activity and status. You automatically gain manageability and proof of adherence to procedures, giving confidence both to you and your auditor.

Increase productivity and efficiency

Manual processing in Excel or Access, or grappling with an inflexible enterprise system, wastes valuable time that could really be used more productively elsewhere. Reconcilable's interface is precisely focused on reconciliation activities so you have the fastest and easiest tool available, enabling core reconciliation tasks to be completed in minimal time.

Reduce errors, reduce risk

Automated matching is not only fast, but also accurate, leading directly to fewer errors and improved identification of breaks. The Edit workspace in Reconcilable uses specific design ingredients that make even manual matching work productive and accurate.

Immediate deployment

Reconcilable is independent of any other system and does not require any server-based components. It installs directly to your PC and can be used immediately with little or no training or configuration required.

Runs on Windows 10

Reconcilable is supported on the following editions of Windows 10 - Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education, and Windows 10 Enterprise. Reconcilable is supported on the in-market supported servicing branches of Windows 10 including - Current Branch and Current Branch for Business.

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