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Extracting a code from some text

Calculation functions in Reconcilable

I’ll be the first to admit that Reconcilable’s column calculation function has ’til now been basic. In fact I originally developed it to solve a single problem:- calculate the net of values from separate debit and credit columns so that the net value could easily be used for matching.

But out in the wild, you’re likely to have a wider range of uses for calculated columns, so I’m currently working on expanding the calculation repertoire. I’m starting with a clean slate for the new ‘function language’, which is great! It means I can design functions specifically to suit reconciliation work, so reconciliation-related tasks become much easier in Reconcilable than they are in generic data management tools such as Excel, Access or SQL.

Extracting useful codes

For example, when working with data for reconciliation you often want to extract a code or word out of a field containing a longer piece of text. Extracting a code enables you to easily match with it or use mapping, sorting, etc. just on the code. Therefore I’m creating a single function, EXTRACT, that does exactly this.

If you’re working in Excel et al. you’ll need to struggle with a handful of text-manipulation functions (LEFT, RIGHT, SEARCH, LEN, etc.) whilst handling error conditions, resulting in a very complex formula for something that can be expressed quite easily in English.

Here’s how it’s currently shaping up. Compare the functions in Excel to the new equivalent in Reconcilable:

Extract the security code from ‘/US/265178′ and ‘/JPN/6524170′

Note that the codes to be extracted are of different lengths, as are the prefix elements that need to be discarded.

Excel=IFERROR(RIGHT(A1,LEN(A1) -FIND(“/”,A1, 2)), “”)
Reconcilable(EXTRACT FROM [Col1] START AFTER LAST ‘/’)

Extract the cheque number from ‘CUSB06_20120427CH882053.’ and ‘CUB15_20120501CH2563.’

Excel=IFERROR(MID(A9,FIND(“CH”,A9)+2, LEN(A9)-FIND(“CH”,A9)-2), “”)

Clearly, building and understanding the EXTRACT function is far simpler than trying to do the same thing using generic text functions, which will translate into quicker, more reliable reconciliations for you.