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Reconciliation-specific transaction filtering

The Edit workspace in Reconcilable is used to browse through reconciliation data and to edit matches one-by-one. (The reconciliation data itself can’t be edited of course.) This post is part of the series the best reconciliation software in the world.

Being determined to make Reconcilable the world’s best software for matching and reconciling, I want to make sure that each element of the user interface works as well as possible. So how could I make something mundane such as transaction filtering really fantastic? To answer that requires thinking about what it’s used for.

Why filter rec transactions?

The main purpose of the workspace is to find transactions that match together. So the purpose of filtering here is to

show only data that might be a good candidate for a match.

This is subtly different to the the purpose of generic filtering, such as is found in Excel, which might be stated as

show only data that meets a user-supplied set of conditions.

The difference is that I know why a user might be filtering data in Reconcilable, so I can make it really easy to use by providing the specific filter conditions that suit this purpose, i.e. that enable likely matching transactions to be revealed. This means it’s just easier and faster to use filtering in Reconcilable for the types of filters that people working on a reconciliation are likely to want.

These filter shortcuts are implemented in the context menu displayed when you right-click on a table value. Here are a couple of examples:

Show transactions near a date

Filtering on or near a date

It’s often the case when matching transactions that they will appear on both sides of the rec with either the same or a similar date. The context menu when filtering on a date allows you instantly to show transactions - only on that date - within some number of working days from the date - only for the week containing the date - only for the month containing the date

Find contras

Finding contra-matches using a filter

It’s commonplace for transactions to be matched with ‘equal but opposite’ counterparts. Finding contra transactions can be a bit of a pain because they obviously don’t sort next to each other when sorted by value. Fortunately Reconcilable’s contra filter enables you to find contras in just two clicks by choosing the Show +/- number filter option.

I’m pleased with this. Right-click filtering is fast, easy and often enables you to zoom right into where you need to look to find a match.

Does it work for you? Let me know if I can make this even better.