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World's best Excel Workbook for Fixed Assets

It’s been 7 or 8 years since I finished constructing my fixed assets workbook. It’s still in regular use and continues to do its job of recording assets, calculating depreciation and providing the reports for my accounts.

A long stretch of accurate operation without any need for tinkering or correcting, in the field of fixed asset workbooks at least, is cause for satisfaction. I’ve used some less successful designs in the past, as you may have too, so I’m making mine publicly available now in case you want to make use of it.

But is it the best fixed assets workbook in the world?

Verasset data entry Claiming a superlative design should be justified. What would you say about your spreadsheet when you believe it’s the best?

  • The calculations in my spreadsheet are perfectly correct

I certainly hope so, but correctness alone doesn’t win any awards. It might be correct now, but what about in the future? Will it still be correct – or might you make an error the next time you use it?

  • I know how to use it without making mistakes

Not really good enough. When you are promoted and someone else takes over your job, will they be as skilled or as careful as you? Will they grasp the essentials of your workbook design so that they also can use it without mistakes?

  • Anyone could use my workbook without making mistakes

Great! But not yet good enough. Can your workbook be used efficiently? Do you have to duplicate your inputs, in detail or in summary? Do you have to copy and paste functions or recreate reports to get your final output?

  • My workbook is highly efficient to use

Pleased to hear it. But still not good enough. Can you reliably find your current workbook or does it’s design force you to create a new copy each period? Are there lots of copies of it on your network? Tracking and picking the right one every time is a pain.

  • My workbook is easy to find and exists only once (apart from backups)

Fantastic. Maybe you’ve created the best Excel Workbook in the world for recording fixed assets and calculating depreciation. But… Is your workbook as good as mine? Well there’s no need to guess. Download mine now and see what you think…

Download my fixed assets Excel workbook.

The workbook is freely available and safe to use as it contains no macros.

Creative Commons Licence This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Straight line depreciation

More Information

Claiming something is the best in the world is usually daft. How could anyone possibly know…

My fixed assets workbook is good in parts but also has some failings. It suits me, but your mileage may vary. Here’s how I see it:-

The GoodThe Bad
All formulae are fixed. Never changing a cell formula means no errors will ever occur.Only offers straight line depreciation method.
Checks and balances are integral so some possible data input errors are flagged.No easy way to revalue or re-life an asset.
Nice built-in reports can show asset summaries for any period.Somewhat uncommon and opaque design makes understanding and auditing more difficult (a separate audit workbook is available).
All details are kept in one workbook and it never needs to be duplicated for new periods.Only calculates accounting values, not alternative tax values.
No macros, so no security risks.Slows down a bit when thousands of assets have been recorded.
No limit on sharing and using.