Simple reconciliation software that will save you time

Import data from Excel

Load data for reconciliation by copy-pasting or drag and dropping from a file or from a range of cells in Excel.

Define rules to automate matching

Rules are used for finding matching records within your data. They compare text, dates and numbers to your specification so you get exactly the results you need.

Inspect and edit

Take a look at the state of your reconciliation and inspect which records have been matched together and which are outstanding. Put together unusual or difficult matches by hand so that the final results are perfect.

Report and export back to Excel

Create reports for analysis, for sharing and to meet obligations. Export directly into Excel for further downstream processing.

Keep track of each financial close

When working on a periodic reconciliation you can define periods in Reconcilable and then track what happened in each period. Close off completed periods so they’re locked from further changes.

Use as many reconciliations as you need

Need a new rec for a new control point or simply for one-off analysis? In Reconcilable you can create as many reconciliations as you need, each one containing its own configuration and data.

Excel doesn't do enough; enterprise reconciliation systems are too complex. Stay on top with simple reconciliation management.

Try Reconcilable

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